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K33n: After Apple iOS 11 unveils, and WWDC is out of the way, jailbreaking becomes little hard. But thanks to the newly introduced Keen Jailbreak tool, that has made Jail Break process very simple and easy. Here, you can download Keen Jailbreak. Please note that this tools is also known as k33n jailbreak tool.

What Keen Jailbreak Can Do?

Many thanks to the K33n team who has introduced Keen Jailbreak at the Mobile Security Conference in Shanghai. With Keen Jaibreak, you can unlock, and jailbreak many iOS.

You just need to download k33n jailbreak and follow the simple process to Jailbreak your iOS device like iPhone, iPad, iPod etc. Keen is best tool for all newly launched utilities of iOS. You can also use Keen to Jail Break many iOS versions.

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Please also find & download k33n jailbreak ios 9, k33n ios 9.1 jailbreak, k33n jailbreak 9.2, jailbreak ios 9.2 1 download, and also jailbreak ios 9.2 download.

How to Download Keen Jailbreak

Thanks to the Keen team who has made Jailbreak available for all new versions of Apple iOS. Similar to Pangu Jailbreak for iPhone and Windows, you can download Keen Jailbreak with very simple way. Like Yalu Jailbreak & Pangu Jailbreak, download Keen Jailbreak in two easy ways.


  • Use Sufari Browser to Download Keen JB
  • Use iOS device such as iPhone, iPod or iPad to download k33n Jailbreak
  • Don’t forget to say thanks to the Keen team

Get K33n Jailbreak on your iPhone and iPad Right Now – Steps

Step 1: Tap to start Safari browser in your iPhone or iPad

Open the Safari browser installed in your iOS device. if the browser is not installed, please visit to download Safari browser for iPhone, iPad or iPod. Please note that you can only use Safari in your iOS support phone to download Keen.

Step 2: Visit the “Official Website” of Keep Jailbreak

As there are many fake & unofficial websites available on internet, please only visit official website of keen. From the official link, you can download original and working version of Keen JB, without any possible error. The official website URL is:

Step 3: Tap the “Up Arrow” button

Wait for the webpage to load. As it might take some time to load depending on your device, iOS version like iOS 10.3.0, iOS 10.3.1, iOS 10. 3.2, iOS 10.3.3 etc. and internet speed. Once the page is load, tap the button “Up Arrow” given at the bottom of the device screen.

Step 4: Select “Add to Home Screen” Option

You can see many options given. Now you need to choose the option “Add to Home Screen” just like given in below screenshot image.

Step 5: Now type “Keen” and tap the “Add” button

Now you can see new options appears to you. Here, you are required to type in “Keen” in the given place. Once you’ve type the word “Keep,” press the button “Add” to continue.

Step 6: Close the Safari Browser

Thus, once you have go through all the previous steps successfully, you can close your Safari browser. That’s it. You have successfully installed Keep Jailbreak software tool in your iOS system.

Step 7: Find “Keen Jailbreak App” icon on your Home Screen

Finally, you have download Keep App in your iOS device. You’re probably using K33n in your iOS 11. Keen will work fine in iOS 11 too for JailBreaking. After installation, you can find Keen on the Home Screen of your iPhone or iPad.

Hope, you would have enjoyed this informative article. If you need any extra help, please do comment in below box. We would be pleased to guide you how to download Keen Jailbreak App in your iPhone and iPad with step by step instruction. We’d also help you out through real time images & screenshots. Best of luck!

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